Hackinstoshing Your PC: Why you don’t need to fess up $2,000 for a notebook.

For awhile now (since Apple started using Intel processors) advanced users have been able to install Mac operating systems on their PC’s. During many installation processes, however, people would still end up with issues that they would have to manually fix. When I first tried, I had problems setting up my ethernet drivers (I wasn’t able to connect to the internet). I was forced to reinstall Vista altogether.

Today installing Mac OS X Leopard is easier than ever. iATKOS, one of the easiest Mac distro’s available, will do a clean install of the operating system along with internet, sound, and motherboard driver installations.  You will still need to know a thing or two about your computer specs, because some hardware will simply not be compatible with the operating system.

There is a community centered around Mac OS X on non-Apple computers. Below is a list of helpful sites to get you started on your Apple PC.

And if you want to know what’s inside your computer:


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