TV on the Internet? Enjoyment in Live Streams LogoLately I’ve been enjoying some of my favorite TV programs through, a live stream community. Anyone on the site is able to stream whatever video they want straight from their desktop to hundreds if not thousands of viewers. So, I’m sure you’re wondering – how is this legal?

According to Wikipedia, “ argues that it is similar to a person walking around with a camera on his head but facing your television screen.” And so under current laws,’s existance is legal. Regardless, if someone reports streams broadcasting content owned by another individual or corporation, is obligated to shut down the stream and suspend or ban the account.

Thankfully most people aren’t a-holes and, I don’t know, actually like coming together from all over the world to enjoy the same experiences. I would surmise that at least 75% of the channels on stream content is “bootlegged” to hundreds if not thousands of viewers.

I’ll start to worry when Youtube users start getting prosecuted in droves.


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