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Michelle Malkin on The View

I swear I’m becoming a bigger fan every day:

From Hot Air:

Most of the questions had to do with whether Bush’s administration wasn’t at least equally corrupt, thereby proving that the bar for Hopenchange is being reset a little bit lower every day. As the boss says, “You know you’ve won the argument when the ladies of the View are reduced to arguing how corrupt they are, and not whether.”

Notice Whoopi running and hiding to the audience at 3:47 (detracting from the topic). Also, is she really wearing an apron?

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Increasing the Unemployment Rate through Minimum Wage?

It’s like every time I turn on the news I hear something the government is doing that’s in effect systematically speeding up the U.S.’s downfall. Today and for the past week there’s been talk about the minimum wage’s 70 cent jump to $7.25.

John Stossel of ABC News’ 20/20 explains.

Let’s just kill jobs we spent billions to save, right?

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