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Linda Douglass Attacking the Internet

Douglass gives us the 411 about information on the Internet:

“So what happens is that because he’s talking to the American people so much, there are people out there with a computer and a lot of free time, and they take a phrase here and there — they simply cherry-pick and put it together, and make it sound like he’s saying something that he didn’t really say.”


I find it fascinating how the Obama administration has time and time again elevated the amount of exposure to issues he should just disregard, like Limbaugh and Gates. He’s also called out the FNC on multiple occasions, and now that more and more people are voicing their opinions against Obamacare, apparently he’s going to send his administration to fight evil-doers on the Internet.

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Must Needed Firefox Add-Ons Day #1: Power Twitter

powertwitter_ssTo celebrate Firefox’s one billion download landmark, I’m going to write a series of posts for the next week dealing with “must needed” Firefox add-ons. Being a FF user who never really explored too many FF add-ons, the add-ons I post I will actually start using on a day-to-day basis. Hopefully by the end of the week I can manage to make browsing the internet a much more enjoyable experience.

Today I came across a neat little Twitter add-on called Power Twitter. This add-on works inside the Twitter website. Some features include: link shrinking; inlines of Youtube, Google Maps, Flickr, and more; Facebook status updates; and photo uploading. As you can see from the screen shot of Power Twitter in action at the right, each individual tweet is much more engaging and informative to the end user. You can check out all the features and download the add-on at Power Twitter’s add-on page.

One drawback is that some Twitter pages may load slower than others because the add-on will retrieve information from links posted in each tweet. For me, the load times weren’t too bad, but I’m running on a 25mb down /3 mb up connection (and I just noticed that I’m even downloading torrents at the moment).

Stay tuned throughout the week for more add-ons that I’m going to be using.

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Firefox Hits One Billion Downloads

ffThis feat has somehow stayed under the radar for me as I’ve just caught wind of this today. Apparently a few days ago (the night of July 30th), Firefox hit one billion downloads. While obviously this doesn’t constitute as one billion users actively using the program, the Digital Daily explains it best:

As Mozilla CEO John Lilly told me this morning, “It’s a billion votes–a billion intentional decisions–for people to take control of how they interact with the Web. We–the whole Mozilla community, really–are really proud to have been part of building a product that’s been downloaded so many times, but more importantly, we’re all proud to have helped people take more control over their online lives by making intentional decisions.”


Also check out Firefox’s nifty One Billion + You website.

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