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Netflix on iPhones

The new iPhone will be coming out with live video streaming over HTTP, and consequently, the rumor is that Netflix will be available on your iPhone:

The company will soon offer the Watch Instantly video-streaming feature on Apple iPhones and iPod Touch devices and the Nintendo Wii gaming console, according to an industry executive familiar with Netflix’s plans. (Netflix wouldn’t confirm the info, with a rep saying it declines to comment on “rumors or speculation.”)


However, Netflix’s streaming-video feature would probably be restricted to access over local Wi-Fi connections only — not over AT&T’s 3G data network — in the same the way other bandwidth-heavy video apps for the iPhone are limited.


It would be so much cooler if bandwidth wasn’t an issue, and you could watch live streaming movies on your iPhone wherever you traveled. Perhaps cutting video quality would allow streaming without a local Wi-Fi connection, but I honestly still don’t know if AT&T could handle the kind of bandwidth needed.

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